My Signature Hair Style

Twist outs are my “go to” hairstyle. I wear them free, pinned up, pulled back, in a curly fro, just about any way possible. ย Twist outs are the way to go..well for me at least. What can I say…just love rocking twist outs…How about you?

So how did I achieve my twist out results this week? Here are the steps and a collage with the results below. Hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: Washing Process

Pre-Cowash: My favorite coconut oil and honey mix

Co-wash: Used my Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner and a bit of my Mane and Tail Moisturizing Conditioner (I am trying to finish the bottle).

Step 2: Moisturizing Process (L.O.C method).

Leave In Conditioner: Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner applied on damp hair

Oil: SpicyNaturals Tropical Twist Hair Oil

Cream: SpicyNaturals Shea Avocado Hair Butter

Step 3: Styling Process

Styling Product: Sarenzo Purple Passion Twisting Cream

Here are the results…..

Twist Out
Twist Out

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