Special Feature: Tasha Trendsetta

Today we feature the lovely Tasha Trendsetta.  Her name says it all, she is a “trendsetta” at heart with such a fun personality.

Tasha aka Tasha Trendsetta
Tasha aka Tasha Trendsetta


Here is what she shared with us…


What is your name and where are you from?

TASHA aka Tasha Trendsetta from Gainesville, Tx


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a stylist/ makeup artist and have been for over 10 yrs. I love art, I am a Libra!! I am currently going to school to obtain my Associates degree and I’m almost done yaay! I have two beautiful daughters that are my models anytime I have a new hair idea I love to dance, stay fit, and laugh!



How long have you been natural? Did you big chop or transition? What made you decide to wear your hair in its natural state? .

I’ve been natural for about 6 yrs, I’ve big chopped 3 times. The first time was after I had my first child, my hair kept breaking off and shedding so I just shaved it off one day and I loved it. I felt awkward at first but I got used to it and owned it. My most recent big chop was about a month and a half ago I shaved the sides and back and left the top long. I love change and I am def not my hair. 🙂

I decided to go natural because I felt like not enough black women were doing it, as if something was wrong with it so I decided to rock my natural, embrace it, and prove that it is and can be beautiful.




Describe your hair texture.

Very coarse and kinky,  straight.


What is your hair regimen? What do you do to keep it healthy and to retain length?

I co-wash every week. I use DermOrganics shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo once a month and trim my hair every 4 or 5 weeks. In between I use a glycerin and water spritz for moisture as well as my homemade shea butter and braid my hair at night. In addition I may wear ponytails, wigs, or various protective styles.


What is your greatest challenge with your natural hair? Shrinkage, breakage, dryness? What are you currently doing to address your challenge area?

Breakage & dryness; protective styles and glycerin and water spritz


What do you love most about being natural?

It’s different and unique, the styling options are endless. You can do way more with Natural hair than you can do with relaxed hair.





What have your experiences been as a natural, including reactions from friends, family and colleagues? Have you experienced any opposition from anyone in your life regarding how you wear your hair?

I have had some guys say I am prettier with weaves or straight hair but I have def received more positive than negative. Some people are just shallow and you have to look over people that expect you to be a follower and do the norm. Most people love my natural hair and think it’s cool.




What is your favorite go-to hair style for days when you don’t have a lot of time?

Puff, twist out, or scarf.





What are your staple hair products or must haves?

Shea butter and glycerin.


What is your hair goal?

Less breakage and growth to my shoulders.


What is your best hair advice to someone who is thinking of going natural and needs a bit of encouragement to make the transition?

Just do it! Being natural is very liberating and is a statement all in itself. You can’t go wrong with wearing what God naturally gave you.





What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt during your natural hair journey?

That great things come with time and patience.


What is your favorite life lesson?

God will not take you through the storm without letting you see the rainbow. Persevere and stay strong!


Where can we find you online? Website/blog/Instagram/twitter?







Peace, Love and Natural Goodness

SpicyNatural Jo


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