In recent years we have seen an increase in conversation surrounding healthy living. Today everywhere we turn  we are bombarded with healthy living tips and fitness commercials all aimed at encouraging the masses to make healthier choices.

As  someone who is passionate about health, fitness and the field of medicine I feel compelled to join in and add my two cents on this campaign initiative.

As such I have embarked on my own health journey in order to become a healthier me. So what does that entail exactly?

Well, for starters clean eating, making healthier choices as to what I put in my mouth after all God gave me one body to live in so I need to take care of it, it is His temple. In addition, exercise, exercise , exercise, this is my biggest struggle at times and I am assuming for a lot of people. However, I am motivated to get fit by incorporating frequent and fun exercises in my journey.

Now won’t you join me as I embark on my journey to a healthier me. Yes, come on what are you waiting for?


Quote Inspiration: One of my all time favorite quotes is “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates


Let Food be thy medicine .
Let Food be thy medicine .





Peace and Wellness

SpicyNatural Jo



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