Well I have always been one who loved being natural…loved my natural hair as a child growing up. I was always the child that people would stop, and ask to look at my cornrow hairstyles..I mean it became annoying at times…whenever I had my hair in a cornrow style I knew I would be stopped at least 4 or 5 times for the day.

So being natural was cool to me…that was until I was about to graduate secondary school and decided that I wanted to loosen up my kinky hair a bit by texturizing it….hmm…boy was I not thinking clearly. Anyway I did texturize my hair  or so I thought.  Now according to everyone including another hairdresser in the salon they were of the opinion that I came for a relaxer. Why you might ask? Could it be because my hair came out bone straight. Mind you the texturizer did not spend as much as 3 minutes in my hair after being completely applied.

Now let’s fast forward: So a year and a half after that ordeal I decided to big chop. Now after I did the big chop I  grew my hair out for about 6 months natural and then did the unthinkable. Yes, you guessed it. I actually relaxed my hair, this time intentionally  for my college graduation. Talk about defeating the purpose.  Now that was in 2004.

So I decided to keep relaxing my hair as I was about to start university and though I wanted to go back to being natural yet again, I didn’t have the time to care for my hair. So my resolve was long stretches in between relaxers. Relaxing on average twice a year.

Fast Forward to 2010: I had my hair in a weave as my protective style for the winter months  while visiting with family, realizing how much new growth I had I decided why not go back to being natural since I missed my hair so much. So I started to transition from Feb 2010 and big chopped on September 26th, 2010.

This makes me completely natural for  3 years and a few months. I must say that I am so loving being natural again, enjoying every bit of it. My natural journey is not only about hair, but also skin, body, mind  and just being a healthier me.

My Journey
My Journey

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